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Fly Horseflight. Fly First Class.

The logistics of getting your next champion state side, safe and sound and with all proper documentation, is where it starts to get complicated. This is where Horseflight, a leader in international horse transportation, steps in to shoulder all things travel.

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SCUDERIA SA – The First Auction

For the first time in its history, Scuderia Sonnevend launches an auction called Scuderia SA - The First Auction. Featuring world-class genetics, the auction will include implanted embryos, foals, yearlings, young horses and sport horses. The auction is open from 18-20 June and can be reached at ...

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Big talk for breeders by Michael Doherty inspires us all

Driven by an inquisitive mind and a keen interest in breeding Michael Doherty gladly shares his knowledge and moreover the Irishman really enjoys getting the word out there. That is the words of renowned people in the equestrian world that he interviews for his Podcast: ‘Big talk for breeders’.

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Meet the founders of Barnbridge

Barnbridge is the brainchild of Erik Jerneld and Janou Hendrix. Both entrepreneurs are involved with organizing horse and or foal auctions and they’ve joined forces to make the world of equestrian auctions more easily accessible and transparent. We asked them how it all began...

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