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Harry and Bertram Allen set their sights on the future by joining forces

Earlier this week the Aloga Auction celebrated its second edition and its debut at a new venue, Sentower Park in Belgium. Since the beginning the Allen brothers, Harry and Bertram, have been the driving forces together with their friend and fellow showjumper, Maxi Lill. This edition the CEO of Sentower Park, Laurens Meynaerts, makes a quartet of the group that raises the bar for every auction edition. We sat down with the Irish brothers before the auction and asked them about the beginning, their vision and more.

How and when did the idea form to start an auction?
Bertram: “It was a few years ago. At that point in time there where a few different auctions, but we felt there was room in the market for an auction like the Aloga Auction. We did not just want to organize an auction, we wanted to do it well and create our own formula. We had high hopes that if we found the right horses and the right team around us, it would be an addition to the auction calendar.”

Together with Max and Laurens, you are the faces of the auction, who else are part of the organization?
Bertam: “With us four we have a selection committee and an event expert, but we are also very glad to have the help of our sisters. Max his siblings have also pitched in and Laurens his team are also on the job.”
Harry: “Everyone has worked together to make this edition in Sentower Park a success, so we are all looking forward to Tuesday.”

Who came up with the name of the auction and what does it mean?
Harry: “Many people have asked us this. Some thought the ‘Al’ in Aloga stood for Allen, but then the rest did not make sense.”
Bertram: “We wanted a different name, a name that would be easy to remember and set itself apart from already existing auctions with young sport horses. In the end I think I came up with Aloga. It is the Greek word for horses.”

Like with every start, there are bound to be challenges. How was your first auction?
Bertram: “The first auction was at our own stables. It was fairly loose (he says while glancing at his broter with a smile). We had no idea what to expect and most of it all was new to us. We only had eight horses in the collection then. We were (and still are) young, so it was a learning curve, but it worked out quite well in the end.”

This is the first time it will be organized at Sentower Park, why this location?
Bertram: “This venue has so much more possibilities. The location is even more central than our stables and it is perfect to host a top-end event on a fairly large scale. It is easier on many levels to organize it here and that offers us the chance to grown.
Harry: “We are naturally a bit nervous for the auction. All the preparations are almost done, but as soon as the auction starts it is out of our hands. We can’t predict the turnout but so far it looks really promising.

With every auction there are multiple factors that make it a great addition to the already booming auction market. Do you consider your experience in breeding and as well as being top riders a benefit to this auction and the collection?
Bertram: “We know the market well, so that is a big plus. We’ve bred three of the horses in the auction ourselves, so we know these lots really well. There are also other horses that we’ve sourced at competitions of through business partners. We’ve all tested the horses and we feel it is a well-rounded collection with lots of potential for different types of buyers.”

Did you disagree on things for the auction, for example during the selection process?
The brothers smile at each other… Harry: “We disagree on things, that is a fact, but for this auction there was nothing specific. Together with Max and Laurens we all had the same vision.

Do you consider buying a horse at an auction a safe or risky investment?
Bertram: “Well, horses are a risky investment full stop. But with an auction a buyer can rely on a certain type of quality and sound health of a horse. The selection has been done for them; the homework is done. So, buying at an auction is less risky really.”

What do you think is the best part of an auction?
Harry: “When it all comes together, and people enjoy the atmosphere.”
Bertram: “I agree. We very much look forward to the evening itself. I am not sure what the best part of our auction will be, you’d have to ask me again once it is done.”

What makes a successful auction in your opinion?
Harry and Bertram: “When every horse goes to the right person.”

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