Fly Horseflight. Fly First Class.

For those of you who have purchased a horse in an auction, you know that the purchase is the easy part… especially now with Barnbridge streamlining online interfacing to track and receive updates on specific auctions and horses, all on one platform. The logistics of getting your next champion state side, safe and sound and with all proper documentation, is where it starts to get complicated. This is where Horseflight, a leader in international horse transportation, steps in to shoulder all things travel and ensure a smooth transition from auction farm to new home.

A Better Way
“Horseflight was founded on the idea that we can provide a personalized experience for every client, differentiating us from the competition. Our clients are an extension of our team, and we treat their horses as if they’re our own,” stated Emil Spadone (owner) when he was asked why someone would choose to transport their horse with Horseflight. Emil, along with co-owner Seth Vallhonrat, have over 50 years of combined experience importing and exporting horses. They established Horseflight with a solid understanding of the transport industry, having flown and continuing to fly countless horses, and knew exactly where they wanted to improve the process for their clients. The business is 100% geared toward creating an experience that is simple for the client and safe for the horse.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
A competent team is one of the key aspects necessary to maintain a smooth operation. Each employee at Horseflight has years of equine experience and has been carefully selected based on their strengths to manage both horse and client with care, kindness, and knowledge. Areas of expertise range from professional riders to grooms, barn managers, trainers, and ground shippers, so you know that your horse is being handled by seasoned horsemen and horsewomen.  In addition to professional experience, Horseflight employees have also earned degrees in business management, equine science, and equine business management, guaranteeing that the administrative side of the travel process runs efficiently.

The Process
Beginning the process of sending your new horse home is as easy as picking up the phone and calling +1-844-832-5848, Horseflight’s main office. A few simple details are taken down, such as the origin and destination of the horse’s travel, sex of the horse, and ideal timeframe for shipment. Based on just those three facts, Horseflight can get a quote sent to you with the costs upfront so that there are no surprises. Once confirmed that the quote is appropriate, they will ask for the horse’s name and the farm’s contact information. From there, you can sit back and rest easy on the knowledge that the trip is being managed by Horseflight’s trusted staff.

Horseflight will handle all logistics such as setting up the ground transportation to/from the airports, scheduling proper bloodwork, managing quarantine reservations, confirming flight details, customs coordination, submission of proper permits… the list goes on. They pride themselves on understanding the process and managing it for their clients so that every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed. Throughout the travel time, the staff makes themselves fully available to their clients for any questions and provides photo updates along the way. The horse is the priority, and they want the clients to be comfortable, knowing that the horse is being treated with love and carefully watched and handled to make it a good experience.

Looking to the Future
Creating partnerships and building a strong network between professionals and businesses such as Barnbridge, helps Horseflight to hone the business of international horse transport in a way that streamlines the process and makes it consistently evolving and beneficial for all involved. They are persistent in their search for finding ways to improve horse welfare and communication on every end. With Horseflight’s ever-expanding list of partnerships, clients new and seasoned can rest assured knowing that their horse is in capable hands. Trust Barnbridge, trust Horseflight, Fly First Class.

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