Veulenveiling Borculo

National Elite Auction Borculo carries its name with pride. Since 1979, ‘Borculo’ has been a household name within the equestrian world, being the first foal auction of the Netherlands. Foal Auction Borculo is the first on many fronts and belongs to the Champions League of foal auctions. This is partly due to the fact that the organization has always been progressive and innovative. Well-known is the Elite Foal Auction, traditionally held at the end of August. More recently, we have introduced new auction concepts: the CSI Foal Auction and the Online Foal Auction. The organisation of all these auction events is in the hands of the National Elite Auction Borculo Foundation.

Stichting Nationale Eliteveiling Borculo / Excel Equine Events
Annie M.G. Schmidtlaan 10
4207 VC Gorinchem

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