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Swedish Warmblood Association

Elite foal auctions since 2008!

Bred for performance, raised for longevity and soundness the Swedish Warmblood horse is a true
testament to the modern sport horse. International bloodlines, many paired with the true-blue blood
of the Swedish Warmblood horse. The collection of foals is hand-picked out of hundreds of foals by
our experienced auction team and each foal has been carefully inspected and evaluated.

The auction team is at your service!
– Do you want to discuss and ask questions regarding the foals’ bloodlines and estimated
future traits? We are happy to advice.
– Would you like to visit and inspect the foals before the auction? We will contact the breeder
and set up a time for you.
– Would you like to ask questions regarding the veterinary inspection protocol? We will direct
your question to our experienced auction veterinarian.
– Do you want to let your foal grow up in Sweden? The climate and the vast landscape of
Sweden is perfect for breeding young sport horses to build maximum soundness and
longevity. We can recommend several reputable farms that can offer full service.

Helén Uddefors, CEO, +46(0)707 93783
Josefine Tinglöf, Auction manager, +46(0)46 646 48
Ulrica Holst, Sales, +46(0) 46 646 51

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