Belgian Youngsters Auction

The international showjumping competition Zandhoven in the Belgian ‘Manege De Kraal’ will be the homebase the auction, the Belgian Youngsters Auction. Luk Van Puymbroeck and Valentijn De Bock, both reputable in the equestrian world of sport and breeding, have entered into a co-operation.

The selection standard for the auction is high from the start. “All auctions claim, of course, that they offer unique and very good horses and our story is no different in that respect. But we really do have good jumpers that will please everyone. Not just from our own stables, but also entered by third parties. Main criteria were to be very good in free jumping, the second selection component is the X-rays. We have been very strict here and eleven horses had a clean slate.”

CSI Zandhoven
Schegel 48
2240 Zandhoven

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