Quality is who you are and what you do; image is what people make of it. Both aspects are very important for an organization like BWFA. BWFA thinks long-term and therefore has built a solid reputation among its clientele, who returns regularly to make future purchases. Therefore, it is important to know what the sport demands and to adhere to the standards that define the quality reflected in our foal collection.

The Belgian Warmblood Foal Auction (BWFA) has a long history as a respected organization in which quality is paramount. Dedication to top quality standards has enhanced the positive image we enjoy internationally today. Because we also understand that popularity is not necessarily an indication of quality, we are constantly working behind the scenes to improve our organization and our communication outreach efforts. BWFA’s selection system proves its value time and again, as every year new stars emerge out of the auction collections that make their debut at international level. All foals are scored individually by five selectors in order to select true athletes that are physically and genetically capable to perform. BWFA remains faithful to its ideals and only chooses to offer foals that come out of renowned and proven dam lines and whose sire has already made his name in sport.

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